Document integrity verified


Businesses and media organizations face a new challenge: how to trust business and financial information in a world of false documents and information.


Themis  File Certification 

Swiss Crowd supports companies with the ThemisFileID platform in their document digitization process and allows prevent fraud and errors.

The security of your processes go through the integrity and verifiability of your documents.

Through a simple and intuitive user experience, your collaborators they can certify content before it's sent to yours customers and partners.

The recipients of your files can verify its authenticity, through a simple drag & drop on our TFiD platform.

The Themis platform exposes a WebApp for the certification of your business documents and the verification of the origin.

A certified file creates a unique signature deposited via blockchain with a certain date.


1) Certify your document with TFiD

2) Distribute your document around the World

3) Anyone, can verify the authenticity of your document

Three Simple Step, how it work ? 

Intellectual property ,  Document Counterfeiting, 

 Legal Documents,  Certification
Trust documents,  Diplomas and Certificates ,

 Logistics documents

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