Swiss Crowd is committed to developing the innovative Themis platform (themiscert.com), for the certification of structured data on blockchains.

Through Themis it is possible to trace structured and linked data in a simple and effective way, easily accessible by customers and investors.


Thanks to blockchain certification, it is possible to guarantee the temporal immutability of data and therefore absolute operator transparency and reliability.


Trusters, one of the most important Italian real estate platforms, has certified its crowdfunding processes on blockchain thanks to Themis and the collaboration with Swiss Crowd.

By writing on the public Ethereum blockchain, Trusters guarantee its investors maximum transparency in all phases of development and collection of real estate projects.


Themis is a platform for the certification of structured data (linked tabular data) which presents an innovative paradigm in terms of usability for those who insert and who consult the information.

Themis supports several public blockchains, starting with Ethereum and soon Bitcoin.

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